Misfit Village
Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Release date:
30 Jan, 2015



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SickBrick is an action-packed Sci-Fi FPS with vivid graphics and fast, frantic gameplay. The game consists of 15 levels mixing indoor and outdoor areas. You’re forced to do tests for an unknown robotic mastermind. Destroy hundreds of hostile robots with a wide variety of weapons on a strange alien planet. Jump in a hover-tank and wreak havoc on giant boss enemies. As you go through the tests, you slowly unravel the story through log files of previous test subjects.


SickBrick was developed in collaboration with Maxwolf McDowell, who stole the game from us in 2016 and removed our administrator access from any stores it was sold on. He contiues to sell it uner his name to this day. Crediting us only for "inspiration", even though we have develped most of the game. Our efforts to remove SickBrick from Steam and Microsoft Store proved unsucessfull.


  • 15 maps with a mix of outdoor and indoor locations on a strange alien world.
  • 5 unique and devastating weapons. Chainsaw, Shotgun, Lightning Gun, Grenade Launcher, and the Shock Rifle.
  • 10 deadly robotic enemies each with custom animations and sounds.
  • Explosive hover-tank driving sections.
  • Vivid graphics reminiscent of the golden years of first person shooters.
  • Advanced graphical technologies like depth of field, screen space ambient occlusion and light scattering.
  • A rocking original soundtrack.
  • Includes MapEditor and ResourceEditor for creating custom maps and mods.


Launch trailer YouTube

Gameplay trailer YouTube


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About Misfit Village

Misfit Village is an independent game development studio from Croatia.

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Sickbrick Credits

Mladen Bošnjak
Game Design, Artist

Ron McDowell

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks